My Wellness Journey


I first became interested in skin and holistic therapies while studying beauty therapy almost 19 years ago. After graduating, I embarked my career in beauty, massage and spa therapy, working in several wellness spas across Melbourne. Several years later,  I decided to pursue a more education-based role and this led me to teaching science, nutrition, skin and body therapies at a suburban Tafe for almost a decade. I was very passionate about teaching aspiring beauty therapists but felt there was so much more I could offer. I felt that there was a need for more emphasis on prevention and wellness.

After becoming a mum, I decided to take some time away from teaching to be at home with my little one. This new chapter in my life was instrumental in further igniting my interest in wellness, in particular maternal and children’s wellbeing. Motherhood also gave me an insight into to the importance of infant massage for common infant and childhood ailments and mother-child bonding in early development.

Fast-forward to two babies later and I felt ready to return to study. I completed studies in Paediatric Massage Education and I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.

Education has been fundamental in my vision – to live with purpose and inform others about how to do the same – particularly because of the many challenges I faced in my early years of motherhood. I had a traumatic childbirth, difficulty feeding my baby and suffered from postnatal depression; while my little one spent most of the day crying from silent reflux (undiagnosed) and also had delayed developmental milestones. Then,  I had to learn to cope with an autoimmune diagnosis of my own. On my journey I met so many amazing women and heard many of their stories. The similarities in our life hurdles and the importance and need for self-care strategies became evident. This inspired me and ignited a deep passion; to enable and empower women to take charge of their wellbeing.

mãTã (sanskrit for ‘mother’) came about as the natural progression of a blog I started a few years ago. It is inspired by the teachings of ayurveda, natural therapies and a more mature  and experienced me.  The experience gained from becoming a mother, the constant learning and evolving, but also integrating my passion for massage and holistic skin therapies, is what led me to this new chapter of my journey. Its about giving women that 'me time' that they so desperately need for their mental and physical wellbeing and help them to re-learn how to love themselves. This is the philosophy of mãTã wellbeing, a simple but meaningful one.

I look forward to being part of your journey. Feel free to connect with me on my socials by clicking on one of the icons below or click here to send me a message.