Baby Massage FAQ's

Why should I attend an infant massage course?

There are many researched benefits to practicing safe and effective massage techniques on your child. Massage is able to provide both relaxation as well as stimulation to the infant; massage strengthens the immune system, helps with preventing and relieving colic, wind, and constipation, and can also help with conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Even if your baby is progressing wonderfully without any complications, correct massage is beneficial on both a physical and emotional level.

Who can attend the sessions?

Parents, close caregivers, and expectant parents. You can bring your baby along to the sessions to massage during the demonstration time at each class, or for expectant parents a baby doll is provided for use during to help you learn the stroke techniques correctly. It is up to you whether you attend a class prior to, or after the birth of your baby. Your instructor will cater to both situations. It simply depends on whether you would prefer to learn the techniques on your baby in class, or whether you prefer to have learnt the techniques prior to the birth so that you can begin to massage confidently while still in hospital. Infants can be massaged from birth; there is no specific time limit or age that you need to wait for to begin.

Is there an age limit for the sessions?

Instructors may have different restrictions in regards to what age ranges they prefer to have in their group classes. Massage never ceases to be beneficial and so it is never too late to begin. Contact your local instructor or consultant if you have questions about your child attending the massage sessions with you.

Why is there a fee for the sessions?

A qualified professional will be running your infant massage classes. Instructors and consultants’ train specifically in infant massage techniques and often teach the sessions for a living. Running classes usually involves some costs to the instructors for things such as advertising or promotion, administration, and venue hire. It is important that it does not end up costing them money to teach.

More questions?

 We will be happy to help if you have any questions at all prior to enrolling in your chosen class, simply contact us here or phone 0422845544.