Heya! Im Eleni


Thanks for checking out my page. Let me tell you a little about who I am and what I do.

Firstly, Im a mum to Noah and Evie

Motherhood is not at all what I imagined it to be, so as you can imagine life turned upside down when they arrived on the scene and Im not going to lie by saying I’ve loved every minute of it. Its been tough. Being a parent is tough because its not about you anymore, and thats hard sometimes. But Ive learned a lot and its helped me grow. I absolutely love being their mum, they bring my husband and I so much joy, but Im also passionate about many other things so Im trying to do it all. Sound familiar?

After Noah was born, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis. There was a lot of stuff going on at the time, cluster headaches and post natal depression to name just a couple, so a definitive diagnosis took a while. I was lucky, in that my symptoms where not serious enough to warrant MS drug therapy so I was able to manage with diet and lifestyle modifications and quarterly MRI’s to monitor disease progression. Up until the last year my disease hadn’t progressed, but thats for another story…

So what do I do exactly?

My background is in beauty therapy and teaching. I worked at a Melbourne suburban Tafe for almost a decade when I had Evie, then when my maternity leave was up, I decided to take a voluntary redundancy. I wanted to be at home with my babies and I wanted so much to watch them grow, I didn’t want to miss a single thing. At the time I was also running a couple of Airbnbs in the city so I decided to focus on that and my family but still had an itch. That itch was my undying love for natural health and medicine. So I decided to study a degree part-time as well. I had this plan in my head. It was going to be easy. Managing airbnb bookings from home, looking after the kids, maintaining a household (the way I needed it to be), and study in my downtime. Simple right? Because study was my passion, I saw it as more of a hobby so not at all something that was tedious and that I ‘had to do’. A misconception to say the least.

Fast forward.. 4 years later

I decided to follow another calling. The itch that I needed to work with clients again so I started seeing some clients privately, then an opportunity came up to contract from a local wellness clinic. The itch once again was scratched. I consult as a holistic skin and massage therapist. While loving every bit of it, I noticed my plate was increasingly full, sometimes overflowing and inevitably, a bit of a mess. So…, I had to rethink what was on my plate and had to take something away. It was my airbnb side-kick. I decided to give this up to follow my true calling and to enable myself to be the mother I always wanted to be, PRESENT, loving, giving and happy.

Turns out the simple idea I had in my head, was not so simple after all. It happens to many of us, and often. And what suffers is our mental and physical health [insert BURNOUT]. While passion is the driving force of what I do, self-neglect is often the outcome. Can you relate?

So what now?

Im a perfectionist but Im learning to take it easy. I give myself permission to have downtime when I need to and sometimes that means saying no to others because I must. They are not excuses, and those who know me well understand.

One of the first things that suffer from our burnout are relationships. The very thing that enables our survival. I wont get all philosophical about it but Ill let you think about that for a moment. What Ive learned is to keep the good ones close, and let the others go. If it causes you unwanted stress, if its bad for your energy, it hurts your heart and makes you doubt yourself. Just let it go.

What is mātā?

mātā [sanskrit: mother] is a piece of me that I give to you

My mission is about working with other women and mums to help them along on their wellness journey. Simple things such as caring for your skin and body because these are the first parts to show signs of burnout and self-neglect and subsequently negatively impact our mind, how and what we think and feel. Through sharing blogs, thoughts and experiences as well as supporting with holistic therapies, mātā [sanskrit: mother] is a piece of me that I give to you.

Thank you for reading.